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December 30, 2017

Dear Valued Patients and Colleagues:

    Happy Holidays and Blessings for a New Year! We are fully participating with Medicare, some Medicaid, Aetna, Cigna, United Health Care and Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  We also can see you if you request out of network approval.

     So What is New for 2017? I am very excited to announce and offer the recently FDA approved SMILE (Small Minimally Invasive Lenticle Extraction) procedure in 2017. I have been an advocate of flapless laser vision surface ablation correction for several decades but whenever possible i will continue to recommending LASEK or SMILE. Yes, even before LASIK, and PRK. The reason is very compelling. Both LASEK and SMILE offers a safer safety profile than LASIK and therefore is minimally invasive thus maintaining more ocular integrity and causing less aberrations and more accurate visual outcomes for higher degrees of nearsightedness. Go to our SMILE website,, which is now online.

I am still performing cataract surgery using the ALCON LENSX fentosecond laser for laser-assisted cataract surgery.  I will still be doing routine cataract surgery but certainly this advanced technology is worth looking into. I am often asked if I were having my cataracts done what would I do...? Come and be examined so i can give you the most proper answer based on your visual needs and expectations. Laser assisted cataracts are not completely covered by your insurances, but the advantages the laser offers is worth every bit of the extra cost. If you are eligible for laser-assisted cataract surgery, it is my strong opinion that this newer technology will offer greater precision, repeat-ability and safety.  This precision is particular evident when using this technology with premium intraocular lenses such as the Crystalens.

I will be continuing to offer Botox injections for medical i.e. blepharospasm and cosmetic indications in a very private and professionally tasteful setting for those who are interested at a very competitive price.  Medicare covers Botox for appropriate medical conditions.

    In 2017, we will be taking care of dry eye patients who are suffering and looking for more relief. We are now doing BlephX to get the plaque and biofilm for the lashes and lid margins. Additionally, we are sucessfully using dapsone and spironolactone that are FDA approved but used off-label as topical eye drops. I am particular thankful that our patients with dryness, redness and mild to severe discomfort especially when related to meibomian gland disease or MGD are having "more good days than bad". We have been very pleased with these eye drops which have helped over 90% of our patients who have been referred or have found out about our practice on the internet.  These drugs individually or in combination have really made a big difference!  If you been so frustrated with your current care, needing more relief from your dry eyes,  please schedule an appointment.  I trust we have something to help you have more good days than bad days with your precious eyes.

     Also, we are offering Lipiflow and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) on many of our patients with obstructive meibomian gland disease (MGD) and computer vision associated dry eye.  You can find out more about Lipiflow and IPL by clicking onto the Dry Eye menu or go to and Intense Pulse Light for Dry Eyes ( respectively.  We are only a few dry eye centers who offer this technology in the Houston area.  If you been suffering from you eye redness, irritation, pterygia, eye fatigue, computer vision related dry eye, we may be able to help you have more good days than bad days.  Call us at 832-289-2020 to schedule your procedure or an initial appointment. I offer the full spectrum of medical, ancillary and surgical treatments to effectively relieve your dry eye symptoms and signs.

     Our MEGs (MicroEnviroment Glasses) are available again at  if you have been having dryness symptoms while using the computer, watching a video monitor or i phone, or reading a book, MEGs will remedy this and improve glare, burning, fatigue and protect the eyes from excessive drying.  They will get rid of that fatigue, sleepy eye feeling and add another extra hour to your eyes comfort when you need to finish out that last form on the computer screen. Try them out!  They have been clinically proven to help the protect, improve the signs and symptoms of dry eye.

     Lastly, I have been performing non surgical approaches to tighten and lift sagging eyelids without any cutting.  I like this non surgery Pelleve approach which is very effective in both the functional and cosmetic aspects of my patients who are noticing and complaining of droopy eyelids, excessive skin touching your eyelashes that cause eye irritation and decrease vision. 

The following is my office address:
5555 West Loop South, Suite 150
Houston, TX 77401
(Across West South Loop 610 Freeway, opposite from the Home Depot and the Houston Community College)

If you GPS the above address, it may take you to the Home Depot side of the freeway.  Just U turn under the freeway at the next light (WestPark) and look for the 5 story brown building.  There is free open parking for our patients.  Look for the reserve parking signs that say reserved for Dr Cross's Eye patients.

If you have any questions about your eye care or practice location, please do not hesitate to contact me:
Appointments: 832-289-2020
Administrative Emergencies only: 713-306-3051

I hope to hear from you soon!

Richard W. Yee, M.D.

Corneal/Refractive/Lasek Surgeon/Laser Cataract Surgeon

Diplomate, American Academy of Ophthalmology


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