Dry Eye Testimonials

I was so amazed  “I suffer from extremely dry eyes and previous attempts to address this problem have been unsuccessful, until Dr.Yee got involved… My daughters and I recently took a weekend trip together which included a lot of “mom and daughter” pictures with the cell phones! My oldest daughter took a “selfie” of the two of us and posted it on Facebook. Later, when I finally saw it, I had to ask her if she had edited the photo – she said she hadn’t. I was so amazed, excited and thankful, because for the first time in years, I saw my own BLUE eyes in the picture instead of the older looking, red eyes that I usually see.  Thank you, Dr. Yee for your diligence in treating such an uncomfortable condition. Your time and effort is so appreciated and you continue to fill me with hope with the multiple options you offer. My eyes really do feel (and look) as though they are improving!”  Tina Leavins (patient in the Beaumont office)

Dry Eye Improvement “I have been under Dr. Yee’s treatment for dry eyes for several years now and he has been the one and only doctor who has actually made a difference in a positive way for my eyes. Two years ago he suggested I try MEGs eyeglasses, and they have been a wonderful weapon against the discomfort of dry eyes. I can’t do without them. About six months ago, he gave me the opportunity to try a pair of water clips that fit on to the inside of the MEGs. They hold sterile water and hydrate my eyes during the day. They have created another level of comfort for me. These new advances have made a “night and day” difference in the comfort of my eyes.” Glenda Mayes, housewife

Addendum (After Lipiflow) “Thought I would let you know my eyes have not been this comfortable in a long long time.  Did not have trouble opening them this morning.  No discomfort all day today. I am doing all the drops and exercises and am very excited about all this positive results.  Will continue to do so.  Just thought yesterday was a special day for me and you were responsible. God bless.” Glenda Mayes, housewife

Addendum (More After Lipiflow)  “Oh Dr. Yee- I have had you on my mind- I need to report my progress since the Lipiflow procedure. It completely took care of the pain I always had in my eyes. I still can’t believe the results.  I still have dry eye days but it does not hurt anymore.  I use the drops and gels everyday – keeping up the care you had instructed me to do.  We have made trips and eyes did fine. As long as I do my daily care I am doing fine.  I must tell you my bridge group had a retreat this past weekend and they wanted to know about my eyes  – I sang your praises …I am sure you will be having new patients in the coming year. Some need cataracts removed and some have dry eyes. God Bless You and the life you live. It is simply wonderful.” Glenda Mayes housewife

Trying Dapsone Drops for Dry Eye  “I have Sjogren’s Syndrome and over the years my eyes have become drier and very scratched.  I  started with over the counter eye drops which finally ended in using them every hour. Besides getting expensive and bothersome, it didn’t slow the damage.  I tried Restasis on five different occasions and had to stop each time due to the burning and pain.  My doctor plugged my eyes and I got a little relief, but it didn’t last.  We next tried tacrolimus drops and unfortunately the medicine made my eyes feel like they were on fire. There just didn’t seem to be an answer for me.  Then I heard about Dr. Yee in Houston so I made an appointment.  We discussed my possible options and he suggested trying dapsone drops.  I filled the prescription and was apprehensive putting them in my eye due to past experience ( from eye drops that burn). Amazingly, I had no pain!  Over the weeks, I noticed that I could take walks on windy days–a forbidden in the past.  I could work in my jewelry studio for longer periods.  Sometimes the only way to get relief would mean that I lay down for periods with a hot compress on my eyes.  This is something I don’t do any more. It felt that there was a reduction of inflammation in my eyes.  This was later verified on my next monthly visit to Dr. Yee; my eyes had improved.  We reduced the dapsone drops from four times a day to two and I use OTC preservative free drops about three times a day. I know that my condition is chronic and this will be a lifelong journey, but for a long time the journey was heading to serious damage to my eyes.  I had only hope to hold status quo; I never expected to actually improve the condition of my eyes and I am looking forward to even better results.  Thank-you Dr. Yee!”  Trudy Kenyon, retired high school teacher 

Addendum (Dapsone) “Dr. Yee I must share a new experience.  Monthly I meet with several good friends and we usually meet at one lady’s house for brunch.  Her dining room has a large bay window and the sun floods in.  In the past, no matter where I sat, I had to request that the blinds be closed because of sun sensitivity.  Today my friend got up to close the blinds but I said wait and let’s see how I do.  I was sitting facing the sun and the entire time there was no need to close the blinds.  This is a first which I credit to dapsone.”  Trudy Kenyon

“Miracle” “In April of “2010” after having blepharoplasty surgery I was diagnosed with Meibomian Gland Disease which lead to severe dry eye. It was to the point I was literally disabled.  After 1 1/2 yrs of this disorder Dr Yee prescribed a drug, dapsone, made by a local compounding pharmacy that changed my life.  I first started taking it in November of “2011” and was almost immediately cured.  To this date I not only use one drop per day of the dapsone, with ONLY one drop of Restasis per day, I’ve resumed absolutely a normal life. Yes this concoction as well as the care of Dr Yee’s practice has changed my life and turned it back to normal.  Truly a “miracle” to me!  Thanks Dr Yee!”  George Palmer, Business owner

“Wonderful MEGS” “Dr. Yee, MEGS are giving me visual comfort at the computer.  Each time I put on these enhanced eye glasses, I notice that the enclosed structure makes my eyes feel pleasantly moist, relieving me of the gritty irritation of dry eyes.  It is so good to be able to spend the necessary hours at the monitor without experiencing eye fatigue and discomfort.  I use my MEGS also while reading, texting, and watching TV because my dry eyes feel better when I am wearing them.  Thanks, Dr. Yee!”  Dr. M. Lee Mountain, Professor Curriculum and Instruction Department College of Education, University of Houston

“Diffucult Bepharitis” “I sought out Dr. Yee’s expertise concerning a difficult blepharitis condition after my local ophthalmologist had exhausted his knowledge base. Through his proprietary eye drops and aggressive eye therapy which included a Lipiflow session, I am experiencing a reversal of a four year condition in one month’s time. I am very encouraged by the progress I have made and continue to make. The relief I am now experiencing from the constant daily burning and dryness was worth the four hour trip and I would highly recommend Dr. Yee to anyone who has a similar condition.  Thanks Jimmy.”  Jimmy  Louviere,   Louisiana Business Owner

“I have never been disappointed… for almost 20 years”  As a long-term patient of Dr. Richard Yee’s in treatment for dry eye (blepharitis and meibomitis), I have been treated most successfully with punctal occlusions and cauterization of some tear ducts. In one case, one duct had to have the occlusion removed as the eye began tearing too much. It is a balancing act. Still, even with these procedures, one has certain routines that one needs to follow to keep the ducts open including blinking exercises, specific lens scrubs, warm compresses and various drops or holistic vitamins as prescribed by the treating physician.  Restasis may work before cautery or punctal occlusion is done but not after.  This is when the a fore mentioned exercises, scrubs, compresses and fish oils are most important. Dr Yee as many years experience treating these conditions and has done extensive research into various treatments for people affected primarily with autoimmune diseases, where these conditions are most prevalent.  I have been totally satisfied with his care and followed him into his private practice when he left the Medical School with which he was affiliated for 20 years.  His portfolio of skill sets with the eye is impressive and I have never been disappointed.  In addition, he is one of the most gentle and kind physicians I have had the pleasure of knowing.  We have worked together for almost 20 years so that should be a testament in itself to my belief in his skill, medical expertise and artistry.  Micki W. Simms, M.Ed. LMFT  psychologist 10/1, 2014

less stressed, irritable and painful”   Since changing to SeeFit Microenvironment Glasses (MEGS), I have been able to resume a full days’ work reading emails and documents. I was desperate and at risk of no longer being able to do my job, as my eyes simply could no longer manage.  MEGS provide additional humidity and create a micro climate around my eyes, allowing them to be less stressed, irritable and painful. I can even watch TV with the family or read a book again over weekends.  MEGS is also a great camouflage on the really bad eye days! – which thankfully are becoming less and less since I have been under the care of Dr. Yee.  I can highly recommend them and consider them a huge life quality improvement – J. Olivier – UAE

“I am thrilled; my eyes feel wonderful! (after Lipiflow)   This morning is the first day in several years that I woke with eyes feeling normal…no harsh sometimes painful dryness.  There is barely any redness as there is normally and certainly no redness from the procedure yesterday.  I am thrilled;  my eyes feel wonderful!  If the benefit will likely increase within the next few weeks, the results will be amazing.  If nothing improves more than today but the effect is lasting for several months, I will be so happy. Joyce T-  Houston