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To give your eyes the TLC they need to recover and feel better, there are a few home remedies you can do: warm compresses, lid scrubs, and use of OTC eye drops. In addition to that, if your symptoms are prolonged or more severe, there are many options available to bring you relief: a spectrum of drops, lubricants, gels, and topical steroids; punctal plugs; autologous serum drops; IPL therapy, and more. All of which can be provided by Dr. Yee.

As a recovery and preventative measure, moisture-chamber glasses, like U.S. patented MEGs from SeeFit, offer protection while you work at your computer, engaged in “near” work that requires intense focusing (i.e. knitting), or whenever you’re exposed to elements that could irritate your eyes (i.e. bad drafts; dry, re-circulated airplane air). The good news is, there are promising, new treatments on the horizon. And you can be sure that Houston’s dry eye expert, Dr. Yee, will be one of the first to offer them.

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