LASEK Testimonials

Clear vision is critical for my professional success!  “As the professional photographer for the Houston Rockets and Houston Texans, clear vision is critical for my professional success. Before Dr. Yee operated on my eyes, I needed accurate distance vision to capture photos across the field or court, but I also needed to wear glasses to read. He performed LASEK on one eye so I can see near objects and left my other eye alone since it was already adequate for distance vision. I highly recommend Dr. Yee for anyone considering eye surgery.” Bill Baptist,  NBA Houston Rocket’s and NFL Houston Texan’s photographer

Professional, picky, thorough, and cares about his patients! (posted on Yelp)  “I just got LASEK done today! Dr. Richard Yee is by far professional, picky, thorough, and cares about his patients! I was scared and nervous all at the same time, but I knew that Dr. Yee has such an extensive background in his training and he doesn’t slack off in any means.
I’ve never spent so much time with a doctor, and he made sure that he was always there to explain the procedure and all the details of what would happen for my recovery. I am so glad that I met the perfect doctor to correct my vision that I’ve lost for over 22 years of my life.  If you are considering getting LASEK,  or any medical care for your eyes, you must see Dr. Yee!
I made my way here from Austin, and it was completely worth all the time and money”. Ti Lee, business woman

From the bottom of my heart, thanks, Dr. Yee!  “I had worn corrective eye wear for nearly 40 years including contact lenses. Becoming a certified scuba diver provided me a whole new world of wonder but contact lenses weren’t exactly suitable for this sport. I became very interested in considering options for my extreme nearsightedness and met with Dr. Yee. At this time it was discovered that I was experiencing corneal thinning. I appreciated Dr. Yee taking the time necessary to determine whether I was indeed a candidate. After carefully evaluation, he performed LASEK on me in 2000 and have been totally thrilled with the results! My vision remains at 20/20 after nearly a dozen years! My chosen vocation as a physician liaison requires detailed computer work as well as extended automobile traveling. I truly believe this procedure and Dr. Yee’s considerable expertise in this field has enhanced my vocation and enjoyment of this beautiful world without compromise!” Diane Birkner, MD Anderson Research Coordinator

I did not want to just go to the LASIK factories heard on radio commercials!  “I will always be happy with my decision to have Dr. Richard Yee do my vision correction surgery. I had worn glasses with a strong prescription since I was 7-years-old and had trouble wearing contact lenses. I had the type of vision where I couldn’t even read the bedside clock without putting my glasses on. When vision correction surgery started becoming a reality, I was excited that someday I would be able to have it done. I waited years before I would even think about it though. As a photographer, my eyes are my life and livelihood. If something went wrong, I would be sunk. When I finally decided to seriously check into having my vision corrected, it was a difficult task finding the right doctor. I did not want to just go to the LASIK factories heard on radio commercials. I wanted a doctor who would make sure everything was done right. Dr. Yee was recommended to me by a fellow photographer. My first consultation was informative and thorough. He made sure I was a candidate to have successful vision correction. If I was not, he would have turned me down.  He really cared that my vision would be correct. It has been five years since my surgery and I still see perfectly. I will always be thankful that I chose Dr. Yee to work in my eyes. In a side note, a few years ago, my son was hit in the eye by a ball. He was diagnosed with what is called a hyphema (a collection of blood in the front part if the eye). I called Dr. Yee and he was truly concerned for my son, and even though my son was not a patient, Dr. Yee gave me the best course of action help his eye heal. He even gave us the name of a doctor in the area where we were in vacation to see if anything went wrong. My son’s eye fortunately has healed. But, no matter what, every time I see Dr. Yee since then, he asks about my son to make sure all is well. I appreciate that very much.” Brett Coomer, staff photographer-Houston Chronicle

I am seeing better than I ever have in my life!  “After researching online for LASEK and talking to friends, Dr. Yee stood out due to his experience and the way he does the LASEK surgery to make sure to prevent any issues after the procedure. Dr. Yee kept me comfortable throughout the procedure and it was quick and painless. He made sure everything was perfect and he gave me his personal cellphone number to call if I had any issues. I am seeing 20/15 in my left eye and 20/20 in my right eye and I have had no major side effects. I have had multiple follow up visits with Dr. Yee and after 5 months of healing I have no issues at all and I am seeing better than I ever have in my life. After having Dr. Yee as my eye doctor for multiple years, I would not recommend anyone else.”  Eric May, security analyst