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LASEK laser eye surgery.

Correcting your vision with laser eye surgery is a liberating experience. And it should be a positive one too.

LASEK is bladeless, laser eye surgery that frees you from glasses and contacts with zero chance of flap-related complications because no cut = no flap = no complications. The peace of mind that comes from 0% chance of flap complications is the primary reason why Dr. Yee performs LASEK — because it’s the safest means to enjoying a life free from the hassle and inconvenience of contacts or glasses.

What is LASEK?

The latest in the evolution of refractive surgeries — LASEK is a combination of the best benefits of PRK and LASIK laser eye surgeries. LASEK has comparable visual outcomes as LASIK and does not create healing problems as with PRK. It’s made laser eye surgery possible for people with large pupils or corneas that are too thin or too steep to stand the thick flap cut necessary to perform LASIK. But it all boils down to safety with Dr. Yee and that is why he performs LASEK on all of his patients who meet the requirements of a good refractive surgery candidate.

Because no cut is made, LASEK preserves three times the amount of corneal tissue than LASIK does, which greatly reduces a host of possible post-operative vision problems, such as infection, haze and a higher risk of longer-term dry eyes. This, in addition to the no cut = no flap complications, makes LASEK the safer, better choice.

No cut is made — at all.

As you research the LASEK procedure, you may come across information that says a thin epithelial layer is cut versus a thicker flap with LASIK. Dr. Yee wants to be very clear here – NO CUT IS MADE during a LASEK procedure with him. He uses a specially formulated solution to loosen the cell layer and a sterile sponge to move it to the side to prepare the cornea for laser ablation. No cut — at all — ever.

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