The Dr. Yee Treatment

It’s all about you.

For most of us, a doctor’s bedside manner is just as important as his or her education and experience credentials. It’s important to Dr. Yee and his staff too. That’s why from the moment you step into the office; the “Dr. Yee treatment” begins.


Whether it’s your first visit or you’ve been a patient for years, one thing you can count on from Dr. Yee is his ability to listen. It’s very reassuring to know your doctor is truly present and hearing what you’re saying. He is an active participant in the care of your eyes – from initial consult to pre-op, surgical and post-op care and beyond. Each step of the way, Dr. Yee considers his time with you as a “teaching moment.” You’ll be hard pressed to find an eye doctor as passionate about patient education as Dr. Yee. He wants you to be knowledgeable about your condition, treatment plan, and eye health in general.  Dr. Yee listens. You learn.


Dr. Yee’s friendly staff is here to help you with everything from appointments to patient care questions. Everyone is committed to ensuring that your experience is relaxed, insightful and, ultimately, leaves you with a healthier, happier set of eyes.

To experience the “Dr. Yee treatment” first-hand, please contact our office at (832) 289-2020 or emailing us at

Contact Dr. Yee for a consultation to learn more about the Dr. Yee treatment, his practice and how he can change your life.