As a leading ophthalmological researcher, physician and surgeon, Dr. Yee is at the forefront of the eye health field. His links within both the academic and professional worlds allow Dr. Yee to play an active role in the research, development and implementation of treatment protocols, utilizing the most advanced procedures available.


Dr. Yee is a nationally and internationally recognized corneal refractive, anterior segment sub-specialist who has performed over 25,000 surgeries, including LASEK, cataract, and corneal transplant. But Dr. Yee isn’t just about surgery. He is actively involved in every stage of your care — from the initial exam where he determines which surgery would benefit you most, to your pre-op and post-op care. It’s all part of the Dr. Yee Treatment every one of his patients experiences on his or her way to healthier eyes and improved vision.

Dry Eye (Ocular Surface)

The ocular surface is comprised of the cornea, epithelium, tears, and eyelids. An imbalance or infection in any of these areas can cause an array of problems, including chronic dry eye, corneal ulcers, and pterygia build-up. As a cornea external disease researcher and surgeon, Dr. Yee offers the most effective, leading-edge procedures and solutions for the diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care necessary to bring balance and health back to the ocular surface.

LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System

The LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System by Tear Science® – represents a significant technological shift in managing evaporative dry eye. Applying a combination of dry heat and pulsatile pressure, LipiFlow unlocks blockage of the meibomian glands. Many patients find a single treatment effective in providing noticeable relief of symptoms.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL is a light-based therapy that improves dry eye symptoms three ways. One: acts as a powerful warm compress on the eye. Two: cuts off the blood supply feeding the inflammatory mediators in the meibomian gland. Three: improves the pumping mechanism within the meibomian gland for better functionality. Dry eye patients who undergo IPL treatments can expect, in addition to immediate relief from their symptoms, improved skin tone and return of a healthier, more youthful glow. As side effects go, you can’t ask for better! Finally, for all of Dr. Yee’s chronic dry eye sufferers, IPL offers real hope for relief.

Punctal Plugs

If drops are not providing sufficient dry eye relief, plugging of the tear (punctal) duct is a quick, effective next step. Punctal plugs are very tiny (smaller than a grain of rice), biocompatible devices that are inserted into the tear ducts, creating a dam effect to retain moisture thereby helping keep the ocular surface hydrated and nourished and dry eye symptoms at bay.

Autologous Serum

For his patients suffering from severe cases of dry eye, Dr. Yee may prescribe autologous serum drops. He custom formulates the drops by mixing your blood (drawn during your appointment) with saline solution. The components of the serum mimic those found in tears, thereby providing more essential nutrients to the eye versus artificial, synthetic drops.

Meibomian Gland Duct Probe 

This new method of relieving the obstruction of oil flow from the meibomian gland is an exciting advancement in the treatment of chronic dry eye conditions, such as blepharitis. In this procedure the eyelid is first numbed and then tiny, stainless steel probes are used to break up adhesions and fibrotic bands within the duct. There are 20-30 ducts in each eyelid and patients are often suffering from tender and sore lids, so treatment may need to be performed in stages. Benefits include increased lubrication, decreased light sensitivity, and relief from lid tenderness.

Pterygia Auto-Graft

In this technique, clarity to the cornea is restored by removing the pterygia (elevated growth on the conjunctiva) and grafting the area with tissue that has been painlessly removed from underneath the upper eyelid. This “auto-graft” (self-transplant) prevents re-growth by filling the space where abnormal tissue could take hold.


It’s not just how you see, but what you see. That’s why Dr. Yee is pleased to offer a range of aesthetic services that can rejuvenate your look, boost your confidence, and bring out a happier, healthier-looking you!

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