Cataract Surgery Testimonials

“LenSx laser totally painless, so precise… looked as if it were 3D”  I was surprised to learn that I had cataracts in both eyes from long-term steroid use. Initially, we were going to do only the left eye which could not be refracted successfully. The cataract (LenSx) laser procedure was minimally complicated, totally painless and the healing time very rapid. I was seeing well out of the corrected eye within 24 hours.  Laser, I was told, is so precise, that it prevents mistakes cutting into the eye itself. One need only look into a bright light under minimal sedation (so one is perfectly still) as the cataract is broken apart so it can be removed easily in the surgery room when one is sedated further.

By the weekend following my surgery on Thursday, I was aware that my television screen looked as if it were in 3-D with the post surgery eye.  I could read the smallest lines on the advertisements.  By contrast, the right eye, seemed to have a veil over it and the television no longer appeared bright or clear. I wrote Dr. Yee an e-mail asking if we could plan to remove the cataract in the right eye. That procedure is scheduled as soon as I finished the drops for the first eye so I will not have any complications with medication.  I also noted that I was seeing double only from the eye which has not been corrected. Dr. Yee feels that this is possibly due to the fact that the cataract has not been removed.

At this point, I am 100% satisfied with the outcome of the surgery which has been totally painless and without incident. I look forward to having both eyes finished and getting my eyes refracted for reading glasses to use for close-distance and computer vision.  I have been totally satisfied with his care and followed him into his private practice when he left the Medical School with which he was affiliated for 20 years. Micki W. Simms, M.Ed. LMFT  psychologist 9-23-14.