Clear vision is critical for my professional success!
“As the professional photographer for the Houston Rockets and Houston Texans, clear vision is critical for my professional success.  Before Dr. Yee operated on my eyes, I needed accurate distance vision to capture photos across the field or court, but I also needed to wear glasses to read.  He performed LASEK on one eye so I can see near objects and LASEK on my other eye to improve my distance vision.  I highly recommend Dr. Yee for anyone considering eye surgery.”    Bill Baptist, professional photographer


From the bottom of my heart, thanks, Dr Yee! LASKE
“I had worn corrective eyewear for nearly 40 years including contact lenses. Becoming a certified scuba diver provided me a whole new world of wonder but contact lenses weren’t exactly suitable for this sport. I became very interested in considering options for my extreme nearsightedness and met with Dr Yee. At this time it was discovered that I was experiencing corneal thinning. I appreciated Dr Yee taking the time necessary to determine whether I was indeed a candidate. After carefully evaluation, he performed Lasek on me in 2000 and have been totally thrilled with the results! My vision remains at 20/20 after nearly a dozen years! My chosen vocation as a physician liaison requires detailed computer work as well as extended automobile traveling. I truly believe this procedure and Dr Yee’s considerable expertise in this field has enhanced my vocation and enjoyment of this beautiful world without compromise!” Diane Birkner

Dry Eye Improvement DRY EYE
“I have been under Dr. Yee’s treatment for dry eyes for several years now and he has been the one and only doctor who has actually made a difference in a positive way for my eyes.  Two years ago he suggested I try MEGS eyeglasses and they have been a wonderful weapon against the discomfort of dry eyes. I can’t do without them.  Recently, about six months ago, he gave me the opportunity to try a pair of water clips that fit on to the inside of the MEGS. They hold sterile water and hydrate my eyes during the day.  They have made another level of comfort for me.  These new advances have made a “night and day” difference in the comfort of my eyes.” Glenda Mayes


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