The LASEK Advantage

Eye Surgeon | Houston | LASEKWhen it comes to the care of your eyes, it can seem that there are as many surgical procedures as there are surgeons to perform them. So how can you know which laser-correction surgery is best for your eyes?

All exceptional eye care begins with the expertise and insight of the ophthalmologist. His or her opinion – fueled by decades of surgery, research and teaching experience – is critically important.

To Dr. Yee, safety is everything.  For this reason, Dr. Yee is Houston’s only eye surgeon performing LASEK surgery exclusively.  There are a number of reasons for this, each based on the procedure’s efficacy and safety, as well as the patient’s overall comfort.

The LASEK Advantage

LASEK is a bladeless laser surgery that frees you from glasses and contacts WITHOUT an incision.  The majority of complications that arise from LASIK surgery – another laser vision-correction procedure – occurs as a result of the flap that is created to reshape the cornea. Flap-related complications can include infection, flap wrinkles leading to visual distortion and/or double vision, increased risk of developing dry eye, and the potential for trauma with accidental bumps.

In LASEK, no flap is created, and therefore no incision-related complications arise.  The patient can have great peace of mind knowing that no cut = no flap complications and a safer surgery — all with the same excellent results.

Who can take advantage of LASEK?

While Dr. Yee recommends the LASEK procedure for the majority of his patients seeking a surgical solution, the procedure works especially well for patients with thinner corneas, higher levels of prescription and larger pupils. Depending on the shape of your cornea and predisposed eye health issues, Dr. Yee may recommend another type of laser correction procedure, but LASEK is the preferred method for nearly all of his refractive correction patients.

Great results in the safest manner possible.

That’s the LASEK Advantage. That’s why LASEK is your best choice. 

  • No incision is made, meaning that no flap-related complications occur
  • No flap means LASEK patients never face the frustrating double vision, infection, glare and “halo” effect that can make night driving difficult
  • Without an incision, patients are freed from the sometimes debilitating dry eye condition that can arise following LASIK
  • Patients have the peace of mind that no incision is made to their eyes

For a quick look, side-by-side comparison of LASEK and LASIK,  please visit the LASEK vs. LASIK page.