The LASEK Procedure

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The LASEK procedure is a simple one that reshapes the eye – and improves patients’ vision. In preparation for your LASEK procedure, a local anesthesia is used. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Yee applies a special chemical that loosens the epithelial cells (outer layer of the eye) to expose the cornea.

Dr. Yee gently moves these cells to the side with a sterile cell separator,  and applies a laser to reshape the cornea. He then repositions the epithelial cells over the cornea and places a soft contact lens over the eye to protect it while the top layer heals. This “bandage” contact lens is worn for approximately three to four days to allow the eye to heal and for the epithelial layer to naturally reform, remodel and form a protective layer over the cornea.

While the “wow” effect of visual improvement following LASEK is delayed for a few days longer than with LASIK, it will occur — in a safer manner — and knowing that you don’t have to worry about flap-related complications is well worth the wait.

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